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For more than 20 years, our service has been meeting the high quality standards of the services provided in the smartphone and electronics repair market.

Why choose us

Our service guarantees the accuracy and punctuality of the fulfillment of our obligations.

An open order status system will allow you to always know the status of your application, be aware of the planned work and the progress of their execution.

Any tasks that we undertake are solvable, no matter how complex the malfunction is. You can always be sure of our service.

Our services

Smartphone Repair 
Price from €29
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Smartwatch Repair
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Navigator Repair
Price from €40
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Car Videorecorder Repair
Price from €35
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It's important

The price of a smartphone repair directly depends on the brand and the nature of the malfunction. The most expensive element is the screen, although the work of replacing it does not stand out for a big price or a long procedure. But the budget types of express smartphone repair can be safely attributed to cleaning the smartphone, replacing and repairing connectors and buttons, as well as replacing and repairing the case. Express smartphone repair often involves the implementation of the procedure in the presence of the client, that is, the work takes a few minutes.



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